Luxury, style and perfection are the watchwords for all our lamp shades, they are handmade in France, fashioned on your requirements to fit perfectly the beauty you’re expecting.
As we pay close attention to the idea of luxury that our lampshades suggest, we are very attentive to an irreproachable quality :
we highly select our purveyors and work exclusively with great suppliers either for premium category fabrics (silk, lame silk, devoré, taffetas, fancy worked fabrics …), luxury trimmings or metallic frames from true craftsmen, labeled “Living Heritage Company” – mark of recognition of the French State.
Therefore, all of our lampshades can be ranged among the finest and it’s a real pleasure to work in the light of your ideas.
When it is needed, French Abat-jour can also propose you some lampshades made of fireproofed fabrics for public places – hotels, brasseries, restaurants, tea-lounges, cafés…
If you have any question about the various possibilities, do not hesitate to, it will be a pleasure to discuss your project, make it true, and lighten your sweet home with brilliance and luxury.

luxury and quality fabrics


1 – Embroidery of strass on taffetas, especially designed for the Lillet family. This lampshade could only be a signature style : “Chic and plain but representative and with an unusual style” was the request for this definitely both sober and dapper shade, devoid of trimmings.

2 – Old golden lily royal flower on 2 exclusive shield-framed lampshades. Intended for a medieval castle, it should surround a large former chimney with a huge gilded mirror on top of the chimney. A photo shall be taken current November 2015.

3 – Venetian styled lampshade with multicolored ballons of satin, overprinted with glossy gold arabesques. The conception of this shade was wanted in a true baroque genre. Illusive motion reflections give it a timeless & passionate aspect.

4 – The master luxury of silks: a gold lamé ananas on black honeycomb silk frame, not realized yet, but it will be fixed on an ivory silk laminated shade. A photo is scheduled on December 2015.

5 – Laminated lampshade made of devoré of black plants with embroidered ivory and copper flowers is a stylish shade. It was wanted strict but moreover shapely by fixing trimmings made from the same fabric.

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